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Call For Submissions

Dates & Times

Submissions due April 8th

Seeking Submissions

from sexual violence survivors who would like to share their story. You can remain anonymous.

Submissions due April 8th

The Michigan Youth Racial Equity Council (MY REC) is currently curating a virtual art exhibit, title "What Were you Wearing?" The purpose of this exhibit is to highlight the voices of sexual violence survivors while also debunking the myth that sexual violence has anything to do with clothing choices. 


Submissions are due by April 8th and can be completely anonymous. The submission form asks for your story, a description of what you were wearing, and provides a place for you to submit a picture or artistic representation of your clothing to accompany your story.


You can submit your story through this google form.   

MOASH What Were You Wearing(1).png

Story collection for a virtual art exhibit: "What Were you Wearing?"

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