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Training and Support Requests

MOASH provides technical assistance, training, and presentations on a sliding scale. Experienced trainers will facilitate presentations, trainings, workshops to meet your needs. We do trainings for educators, health professionals, parents, administrators, youth, and more!  Our youth advisory councils may also be part of the training or speak on a panel of a topic to share youth perspectives.

You can view a list of already created trainings here (these trainings can be adapted to fit your needs). If there is a topic or training you are interested in related to adolescent sexual health that isn’t on the list, we are happy to do custom presentations.

If you are medical professional looking to make your clinic or medical site more inclusive and affirming of all young people, consider using our Youth Equity Assessment Tool (YEAT). View our flyer to learn more about this youth-developed tool.

Please complete the form below to let us know your training needs and we will follow up with you for a quote for the training and to discuss more about what you’re looking for. Please contact with any questions.

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