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Our Services


Want to work with MOASH further or need additional support? MOASH provides a variety of services to educators, health professionals, parents, administrators, youth, community organizations, and more! Experienced staff will work with you to provide you the technical assistance, training, and support you need. Explore MOASH’s list of past services below to see if something is right for you or your organization. When you've decided how you would like to work with MOASH, use our training request page to request the service! And if you are looking for a service or support that you don’t see below, contact us and MOASH will work with you to provide custom support.

Get support, training, and more from MOASH!

Trainings, Workshops, and Technical Assistance.

You can review our list of trainings and workshops (with descriptions) and request a training that works for you. We can also provide individualized technical assistance (TA) and support for issues relating to your specific organization or community. MOASH does training and TA at the school, district, community, and statewide level!

Youth Advisory Council Services

Our youth advisory councils (YACs) are open to working with many organizations! The young people in our YACs can provide a variety of services, all of which would be youth led, including: facilitating presentations, reviewing your program and/or materials and providing feedback, speaking on a panel, serving in a focus group, completing relevant surveys, and more! If you are interested in partnering with one of our YACs in this way, please complete the YAC partnership request form so our youth can make an informed decision about working with you.

Youth Equity Assessment Tool (YEAT)

If you are a medical professional looking to make your clinic or medical site more inclusive and affirming of all young people, consider using our Youth Equity Assessment Tool (YEAT). The YEAT is a tool that trained youth use after having an appointment at a health center. This tool helps us assess how inclusive and youth-friendly the medical facility, doctors’ office, or school-based health clinics is. The findings of the youth and suggestions for improvements are then reported to the health center. View our flyer to learn more about this youth-developed tool.

Panel, Focus Group, or Advisory Council Participation

MOASH staff are always excited to share their experiences and expertise and may be available to serve as a panelist for your event. MOASH staff have served as panelists for a variety of events, including a Reproductive Justice Resource Summit at Wayne State University, a panel for the University of Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation, and a statewide Clinical Nursing Conference. Additionally, staff have participated in and may be available for focus groups on topics relevant to their work.

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