What is My Consent Day?

What is MY Consent Day?

Michigan Youth (MY) Consent Day is an initiative launched in 2014 to aid young people in understanding the difference between consent and nonconsent. Its primary goal is to provide them with resources to empower themselves to know their rights, communicate about consent, and engage in healthy relationships.

Why do we need MY Consent Day?

Although many schools and organizations throughout Michigan offer materials, services, and resources related to consent and sexual assault, there is no comprehensive statewide Michigan-specific awareness day or campaign focusing on the issue and importance of consent. There is a particular need for this in Michigan, where definitions of consent among schools, law enforcement, and other critical players in this issue are varied and ambiguous.

When is MY Consent Day?

MY Consent Day is an annual awareness day held on the forth Tuesday in September. Sexual assaults are most likely to occur during the first three months of the school year–September, October, and November. MY Consent Day is held during this time in an effort to make young people more aware of their own actions, as well as the actions of those around them. It is especially timely, as this is a key period of time where a high number of nonconsensual sexual acts can be prevented.

Where is MY Consent Day?

Across the state of Michigan! MY Consent Day can be held virtually and/or in-person. It is designed to be able to be disseminated through a variety of channels so that our message can reach youths across the state.